The Reasons Why An Inspection is Important


Safety and health inspections of companies and organizations are extremely important not just to ensure the safety within the organization but to also ensure the safety of the society as diseases could be spread.

Prevention and control

Safety checks can prevent accidents and injuries and could also control the spread of disease if there is any. When an inspection is carried out, it would be best if the check is spontaneous and not planned, this way when procedures such as IP testing are carried out the results would be more accurate. Examinations allow the concern and ideas of the workers to be voiced, it allows for the identification of certain hazards to be known and it can also enable the staff to gain further understanding of the tasks.

Closed down

Companies and outlets that do not meet the standard criteria of safety and hygiene should be given a warning or if it is an extreme case it should be closed down. For example, if a restaurant has rats running around especially in the kitchen area, the restaurant should be closed down until they can find a solution to the rat problem because the consequences could be severe. For example, rats can carry contagious diseases which can be fatal.

The cheaters

When playing sport especially on a national level, there is an immense amount of pressure put on sportsman. This pressure could cause them to take drastic measures to make sure that they perform when on the big stage. Performance enhancement drugs are a common occurrence found in athletes therefore frequent inspections allow the athletes who do take drugs to be caught. When the athlete is caught, it is vital that the punishment faced by the athlete is sever as this would not only prevent the sportsperson from committing the mistake in the future but it would also prevent other athletes from committing the same mistake as they know there is a chance they too can get caught.

House to house

House to house inspections are usually carried out when there is a disease such as dengue going around. To prevent further spread of the disease, inspections are carried out to make sure people are not providing breeding grounds for the mosquitos by keeping unhygienic homes. If people do have unhygienic backyards which could be a contributing factor to the spread of the disease, they should be fined because by doing nothing and letting them off easy would not give them an incentive to make the necessary changes to their homes.