How To Keep Animals Away From Your Garden

You have recently purchased a new home in the suburbs and living there has been an absolute pleasure up until last week when you came across a bunch of bird dropping on your porch and some pests on your growing vegetable garden. Keeping animals out of your yard or garden can be a moderately difficult task from time to time but do not be discouraged or disheartened by the sight of these animals because your problem has many solutions.

Birds and different types of pests have been coming to your garden throughout the day only to leave corrosive droppings on your beautiful wooden porch and harm your growing vegetables. If this problem has been weighing heavily on your heart for a while and you have been looking for answers, you will find the methods mentioned below very useful.

Various deterrents

Thanks to the growth of technology over the years, gardeners and farmers do not have to use conventional methods of keeping animals out of their crops. In the past, people used scarecrows and other various methods to keep animals out of their gardens and crops but now because of technology we have devices such as bird scaring devices and animal repelling devices of different kinds.

Due to the advances that the technology field has made, we now have these devices such as bird scaring devices and other methods that have been created to keep birds and other crop harming animals at bay.

Different types of chemicals and products

Chemists and various amounts of people have been coming up with products that are made out of chemicals that can be used on your plants to keep insects, pests and birds away from their crops so if you want to keep these animals out of your garden and yard, all you have to do is, pay a visit to your local farm shop and pick up a few chemicals that are known to be animal repellents.

Fence your crops

If you’re not as concerned about the bird droppings on your porch as you are about those precious tomatoes that have been growing in your vegetable garden, you can use a fence or a protective shield to keep the animals out of the garden.

If you have a problem with the amount of burrowing animals that destroy your crops, you could try building raised beds for your garden. If the beds of crops are not on the ground level, you will be able to hide your crops from most of the insects and animals such as snails or slugs.