Disaster Management System and its Functions


The disasters occur and can affect the life of the people very badly as there can be chances of occurring the heavy loss of lives as well as properties. There are many disaster management companies that have been established for providing services to the people who are in need. These organizations can help the hazardous zones with their prior preparations and mitigations. The organizations like international Geohazards have been providing its contribution towards the rescue of the people and their properties during the occurrence of any kinds of natural disasters. They can also concentrate on disaster risk reduction by bringing awareness to the people about the measures to be followed to avoid unnecessary losses.

The main aim of these disaster management systems is to protect the vulnerable communities from all kinds of hazards like natural disasters. They can have certain functionalities based on the requirements of the people to restrict the severity of damages caused to the people.

• They can take all necessary precautions to reduce the rate of death and also sufferers, especially the children, women and the elder people during the disasters.

• They can identify the possibilities of risks that can occur and also the methods to reduce those risks.

• They can also work in promoting the precautionary measures in public places like schools, hospitals and institutions etc.

• They can also arrange various kinds of remedial measures and other training programs to fight against the situations during disasters

• They can also explain the people about roof safety systems such as roof anchors and the necessary precautionary measures to avoid the property loss along with the loss of lives.

• They can also help in assisting the people in building the houses that can stand against any disaster avoiding the life threatening causes.

It can be the responsibility of the local governing bodies to take care of the public and their assets by maintaining the moral and ethical values like:

• Leadership quality to lead from the front at the time of calamities• Sowing the excellence of work whatever they commit to do• Following the professional methods as required in time• They should be answerable to the public for what they have done• Providing impartial service to all sections of people.

The disaster management department has to be maintained separately so that they can provide the rescue operations immediately to those sufferers who are in need. It can be impossible to stop or control the calamities that can occur due to an imbalance in nature. The people should be motivated to follow the methods of roof safety systems, disaster management operations and other preliminary steps that they have to follow at the time of disasters. If all the departments in the governments work properly and accordingly, then it cannot be much difficult to avoid much loss that can be caused when any disasters occur.