Advantages Of Using Fiber Optic Cables

There are many advantages of using optical cables in all types of industries. It offers better signal carrying capacity, reduces cost of operation, and offers many benefits. Here are the main reasons why this technology is being increasingly used in all sectors.
Better BandwidthThe first advantage of this underground cable locator technology is that it offers much higher bandwidth than conventional cables. It can transfer more information on a per unit time comparison against all other types of transmission channels. Thanks to fiber optics, the high bandwidth helps in surpassing the current needs and is future proof. Even after years when you need to expand your network, the same lines can serve the purpose and there is no need for adding new cables.
Lower InterferenceDo you know that fiber optic cables don’t get affected by EM interference? This also makes it easier for pipe and cable locator whenever the lines have to be spotted. You lay them and use them in areas where there is high level of electrical noise. Your data transfer will not be affected in any way.
Reduced Loss of SignalAnother reason for using this new technology is that it has very low power loss for long-distance transmission. You can a single stand for carrying out transmissions up to a maximum of 2km before a repeater is required. On other hand, copper’s maximum capacity is 100m.
Cost SavingsFiber optic cables save you money in many ways. You can lay down several miles of cable before repeaters are required. On the other hand, copper wires will require it just after a few meters. Besides, you don’t need to install any special equipment to prevent interference.
Space SavingsThis type of CCTV drain survey also helps you by saving space. It has a capacity of almost 5 times that of traditional wire cable. At the same time, you can achieve transmission at 30 times lesser cross section. So you will not have to create as much space for laying the cables. At the same time, they are also lighter compared to metal wires. Lightweight easily translates into ease of installation and maintenance in the long term.
Safe & SecureAnother positive to fiber optics is that it doesn’t have any electric hazards. So you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. Similarly, they also help enhance security. No one can tap into them because they don’t emit any form of EM waves. Even if someone plans to tap the fiber physically, it is not possible to go undetected. These are some of the main reasons why organizations across all industries are switching over to cheaper and more efficient fiber optic cables for connecting their business premises and for accessing networks.